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Map marker GLITCH

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Hey guys, this is my first post. I've been using this site for a while to get all the various collectibles across the AC games, but now I seem to be having a problem with a very annoying glitch in Brotherhood.

The problem is, whenever I set a new marker, it is visible on the overworld map, but NOT on the in-game mini map! This is making it very frustrating renovating shops and stables around Rome for me. I don't know what to try aside from starting a new game, which I really don't want to have to do.

I was hoping maybe you guys had some ideas about this?

I'm playing the 360 version, BTW.

Any and all help is MUCH appreciated. Smile

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Never heard of that glitch, but that can be really frustrating. I'd suggest cleaning the disc or maybe letting your Xbox cool down (if you play it pretty often).

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Yeah,sometimes pc version will appera this too!Just Restart you game and the problem will be sovled!

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I've had many map glitches, in both AC2 and in Brotherhood. In Brohood commonly the marker you place on the large map is not exactly on the thing you are trying to mark, just a millimeter next to it, so it disappears from the minimap (frequently it's a broken aqueduct). Check that the name of the thing you are trying to mark is displayed before you mark the spot.

Maps are particularly buggy in these games.

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