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The Many Ways to Assassinate Sivert

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Sequence 3 Memory 2 Confession

Instead of labeling the video with the usual "variety pack", I used a term Youtubers are more familiar with. Here are a variety of ways to creatively take out Sivert the target.


First an eagle strike from the highest point I can climb to inside the building. This works a bit differently than eagle strikes in previous games. We don't quite know how to successfully catch ledges in Unity, so I rely on an automatic grasp, which is why Arno appears to dive down after the jump. Another complication to do with this is Arno has a brief moment of getting a grip, during which time he can't air assassinate the target. This is shown in two examples.

So even if manually catching ledges no longer works, eagle strikes are still possible, just not as awesome since you'd only be able to grasp the ledge part way down instead of the usual most of the way down.

Now for a stunt assassination from the highest point you can fall without dying. Trying to find a decent spot to jump from without catching onto or landing on something is difficult. The best that I could do involved bumping into an object on the way down.

Unity brought back a mechanic from AC1: having to kill the target with the hidden blade, even if he's already lying on the ground. Except instead of an automatic kill you have to walk up to the incapacitated target and prone kill him. I take advantage of this by killing him with a phantom blade bolt (which is unlocked later in the game, but you'll have it when replaying the memory) and performing a "grounded stunt".

The only way you should be able to kill an incapacitated target is with the prone kill, but if you shoot him and start an air assassination before he's knocked down, it will carry over to a "grounded air assassination". During the animation the memory scene will start right when you land on him, long before Arno plunges the hidden blade into the target. Another cool thing in the video is the mechanics for blood. Splattering over the altar look very poetic.

"Confessional" Kills

The confessional is a way for a unique kill in this assassination. Normally the target walks back and forth between the confessional and altar, but if you kill his friend in the optional objective, Sivert enters into the confessional. Instead of performing the scene kill, the confessional is used to make some creative assassinations.

Killing the target as he's entering the confessional ends up with him dying inside it, although the guards can still see his body. You can assassinate him, air assassinate him, even shoot him, although that ends up with Arno being unable to prone assassinate the target who is on the other side of an invisible barrier. I also tried a berserk dart, but that doesn't seem to have an effect when the target is entering.

If you don't kill Sivert during the confessional scene, you can still get him while he is walking outside.

Accidental Assassination Without Memory Scene

I was testing the altar for cover kills (there is one kill where you pull the enemy over a low object, kind of like a ledge kill. But in this case you can only hide in the corners). I didn't push Armed hand , but I remember holding down high profile. Then Arno jumps out and high profile cover kills the target, without the memory scene (that's what I'll call it since "memory corridor' no longer seems the proper term) happening. I didn't test it out to see if the glitch is reproducible, but in any case I'm thankful for the share option.

Belleck's Suggestion

This happened by complete accident. I started killing the target the instant before Arno was killed in combat. I didn't even notice Arno was dead until after the memory scene because I was distracted by Sivert the target floating in midair. After I was done recording the assassination I remember what Belleck says to Arno about sacrificing himself for the cause by simultaneously dying with the target. You respawn at the beginning of the mission.

Similar to this are two of Stabguy's videos:

Altair dying with Maria. At 4:36.

Suicide Pact with Antonio Maffei. At 2:57.

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Altair Auditore
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Awesome video Aurel!

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Leo K
Toronto, Canada
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I hella loved the stylistic awesomeness of the Last Known Position hologram during the time-freeze in the middle of the Grab-Kill on Sivert after he walks past your booth. Absolutely wicked. The little Lift-Escape kill would be awesome to do too, since it's right there. I think Lift-Escapes could even have their own category if they were quick enough to do in certain Assassinations.

Similar to how quick you can kill Tamir in AC1, then hop over the beams and poles, and jump into the haystack at the end of them to Vanish super fast.

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At Where else?
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I also happen to love the Last Known Position Ghost appearing during a kill. Awesome it can happen when you get seen by the guard you kill, but the ghost doesn't disappear until he is fully dead.

One part I hope can get in the upcoming commercial is the simultaneous kills. Words can barely describe the sacrificial assassination that's actually based on what the real life historical assassins really did.

I assume the stunt can be accomplished from a higher place if you get the health upgrades or roll ability, but I'm going bare knuckles on my first playthrough and not purchasing any new skills or items, except for melee weapons, and even then I don't upgrade them. As you can imagine I died a whole lot. Trig's nuke