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Harassing the Rafiks

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[From the forums - stabguy]

So I had fun with the Bureau leaders. Apart from the main conversations Altaïr has with them throughout the game, they all say something different anytime you go back to them. Here are when you can pester the poor fellows :
- Before the investigations : right after having had the first conversation with the Rafik upon entering the city, he will say some lines if you lock onto him.
- While investigating : these happen if you go back in the Bureau without enough information to get Al Mualim's marker.
- Before the kill : you finally have the feather from the Rafik and the permission to go kill your target yet you stay in the Bureau and talk to the leader.
- After the kill : after having shown the blood soaked feather to the Rafik and before returning to Masyaf.

If some spoiler tags are shorter than others, it's because at some occasions the Rafik either didn't talk or repeated a line he had said in a previous memory block.

Damascus - Tamir

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Before the investigations
“I would have loved to have been by your side all these years. You lead the life of a hero !”
“Well, except for that last job you were on. I wouldn't have liked to be there for that.”
“I'm sorry, I tend to go on sometimes.”
“The market district should be your first stop. Tamir is quite well known there.”
“You do remember how to gather information, right ? Of course you do, you're Altaïr.”

While investigating
R: Learned all you need to know ?
A: No, not yet.
R: Is everything alright then ?
A: Yes.
R: Do not be ashamed if you lack the skill to finish this job, it happens to the best of us. Perhaps there is a courier mission you can attempt.
A: That's enough !
R: I was only trying to help.

“May I, eh... make a suggestion ? Tamir is known to have worked much from the market district. Maybe you can start there.”
“And trust me, there are people in Damas who know Tamir. You just need to find them.”
“You shouldn't let what happened in Jerusalem cloud your judgment.”
“But then again I suppose living with that mistake on your conscience cannot be easy.”
“If you follow the Creed Altaïr, all will go well.”

Before the kill
R: Altaïr, my friend. Is something wrong ? Has Tamir been delayed ? Has he left the city ?
A: Everything is fine, Rafik.
R: Ah, I see. Then why return so soon ? Wait, do not answer. It is not for me to question your ways. I am certain no matter how strange your approach to this task, you will succeed.

“Be stripped of your ranks must have been an embarrassing experience.”
“But I am sure Al Mualim will be proud of your accomplishment.”
“I know you can follow the Creed, you just need to be a little less... aggressive.”
“I have faith in you, Altaïr. You will succeed today.”
“Speaking of which, when do you intend to complete your task ?”

Acre - Garnier de Naplouse

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Before the investigations
“I doubt your search will complete itself with you having never left this building.”
“If you are done studying the Bureau, I suggest you continue your search outside.”
“Al Mualim is counting on you. Do not disappoint him. Be on your way.”
“The people hold the answers you seek. Not I. Not this Bureau.”
“You need to search the city for clues, Altaïr.”

While investigating
J: How goes the search, Altaïr ?
A: Slowly.
J: Then resume your work. Let us not keep Al Mualim waiting.

“I cannot help you any further, Brother. Search the city and you'll find a way to complete Al Mualim's task.”
“Continue your search Altaïr. Time is of the essence.”
“Altaïr, you're wasting valuable time staying here. Find a way to eliminate Garnier and do so quickly.”
“Do not make Al Mualim regret the second chance he's given you. Attend to your task.”
“The people of Acre know the Knights Hospitalier far better than I. Find out what you can from them.”

Before the kill
J: What news, Altaïr ?
A: I simply need a moment's rest.
J: You should make haste. We do not want to keep Al Mualim waiting.

“My Brother, be about your work. Go to Garnier and end his life.”
“Al Mualim chose you from among many for this mission. Do not make him regret it.”
“You waste time here. You've a job to do. See that it's done.”
“With the information you've gathered, nothing should prevent you from completing your task. Why do you remain here ?”

After the kill
“If something else troubles you Altaïr, it'll have to wait. You need to return to Masyaf with news of Garnier.”
“Be on your way. I'm sure you and Al Mualim have much to discuss.”
“Your task in Acre is complete. Why do you remain ?”
“Altaïr, Al Mualim will not send you an invitation. Return to Masyaf immediately.”
“Your presence here begins to grate on me. You should leave.”

Jerusalem - Talal

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Before investigating
“Why are you still here ?”
“I doubt Talal is hiding in my Bureau.”
“You shouldn't be here, Altaïr. Return to your task.”
“What do you want ?”
“Hoping I might do your job for you ?”

While investigating
M: Ah ! The fallen one returns. Are you ready for your mission ?
A: No, not yet. There is more for me to learn.
M: In that we agree.

Before the kill
M: What is it, Altaïr ? Come to admit defeat ?
A: I'm resting.
M: Does this look like paradise ? There will be no rest for those who do not fulfill their duties. Complete your mission.

“Devising some brilliant plan, Altaïr ? Just like Solomon's temple ?”
“You're making wonderful progress. Oh wait... you're not.”
“Altaïr, you should be killing Talal, not cowering in my Bureau. Go and finish your mission.”
“They say Talal still lives, which begs the question : what are you doing here ?”
“I'm sure if you wait here, Talal will simply die of old age. A novel approach.”

After the kill
A: Malik.
M: Are you lost, Altaïr?
A: No. I travel for Masyaf.
M: Then clearly you are lost. Why else would you be here? Masyaf is to the North, in the mountains. Do you require a map?
A: I'll find my way.
M: Your presence here suggests otherwise.

“Altaïr, you have no reason to be here. Return to Masyaf. Do not keep Al Mualim waiting.”
“Is it disrespect or stupidity that keeps you here? Return to Masyaf.”
“Do as you wish. I'm sure Al Mualim won't mind you failing him yet again.”
“He's probably accustomed to your incompetence by now.”
“Your disobedience knows no bounds. Are you like this with the other Bureau leaders ?”

Damascus - Abu'l Nuqoud

Spoiler: Highlight to view

While investigating
R: My friend, what news ?
A: My search continues.
R: Do not let me distract you then.

Before the kill
R: Altaïr, is everything alright ?
A: Of course. Why wouldn't it be ?
R: Only that... With the Merchant King's celebration about to begin, you should be there, not here.

“Altaïr, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but the Merchant King is still alive.”
“I fear we are running out of time Altaïr. You should hurry to complete your mission.”
“Time's wasting, my friend. I wouldn't want to see Al Mualim angered further. Dispatch the Merchant King as quick as you can.”
“Has something gone wrong ? I only ask because the Merchant King still lives.”
“Time is of the essence, my friend. Be about your task.”

After the kill
R: Hello friend ! What brings you here today ?
A: Have you any work for me ?
R: No, not at the moment. Besides, you are required to meet with Al Mualim. Oh, but I'm sure you're aware. One as smart and skilled as you would no doubt remember something so basic.
A: I should be on my way then.
R: Yes, yes. A good plan.

Acre - William of Montferrat

Spoiler: Highlight to view

While investigating
J: He returns already.
A: I fear my work is not yet done, Rafik. Soon.
J: Be about your business then.

Before the kill
J: Altaïr.
A: I need a moment's rest. I will continue shortly.
J: I understand, but you should hurry. Al Mualim was pleased with your last mission, don't disappoint him with this one.

“Brother, eliminating William of Montferrat will not be easy, but it must be done.”
“Al Mualim has begun to trust you again. The first step towards your redemption. Do you not wish to continue on this path ?”
“You should get on with your mission.”
“Altaïr, continue with your mission.”
“Does something trouble you ? You know all you need to fulfill your task, so why remain here ?”

After the kill
J: Altaïr, why have you come here ? I thought Al Mualim wish to see you.
A: I have my reasons.
J: You should not keep our Master waiting. Return to Masyaf when you can.

“Brother, you're not needed here. Go speak with Al Mualim.”
“Al Mualim waits for you.”
“There is nothing left for you in Acre, my friend. Return to Masyaf and inform Al Mualim of your success.”
“It's time you return to Masyaf with news of William. I'm sure Al Mualim will be pleased.”
“Altaïr, Al Mualim will want to hear of William's death. You should return to him quickly.”

Jerusalem - Majd Addin

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Before the investigations
“Maybe you want those poor people to be executed. Because that's what will happen if you don't leave now.”
“Do you need something ? Is that why you remain standing before me ?”
“I've nothing more to say to you. Attend to your task.”
“Does this look like the set (?) of an execution ? Get to work.”

While investigating
M: Altaïr, is your work done ?
A: No. Not yet.
M: Then get out of here and get to it.

“Still here ? Uh, are you interested in a staring contest then ?”
“Why do you choose to pester me ?”
“Ah, perhaps you are confused : this is a Bureau. Your target is at an execution. I'll let you figure out what that means.”
“I would think you'd have more of an active(?) use of your time but um, perhaps I'm mistaken.”
“Al Mualim should know about this. I wonder what he'll think : you have an assassination to attend to, yet instead you choose to trouble me.”

Before the kill
M: What news, Altaïr ? Do you bring word of Majd Addin's death ?
A: No, he still lives.
M: I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have a good reason for returning. Be quick about your business though.

“I'm beginning to wonder if your success with Talal was not some happy accident.”
“Do not forget why you have come here, Brother. Find your target and end his life.”
“Your target is not here, Altaïr. So why are you ?”
“Lives hang in the balance, Brother. Are you sure this is where you should be ?”
“I've told you all I know. The rest is up to you.”

After the kill
M: Altaïr, what brings you here ?
A: I have some work to do before returning to Masyaf.
M: Oh, it must be important then.
A: Why do you say that ?
M: Why else would you keep our Master waiting ? It is important, yes ?

Damascus - Jubair al Hakim

Spoiler: Highlight to view

While investigating
R: Two welcomes to you, my friend. Have you found what you seek ?
A: Not yet Rafik.
R: Oh, I see. Under the influence of narcotics perhaps ?
A: No. Why would you even suggest it ?
R: It's just that your target is clearly in the Academic district and yet here you are, stumbling around the Bureau.
A: I'm not stumbling.
R: So defensive. Feeling paranoïd ? A bit out of sorts ?
A: I'll be going now.
R: Keep mind and body pure, Altaïr ! Resist further temptation !

Before the kill
“I fear we are running out of time, Altaïr. You should hurry to complete your mission.”
“Time is of the essence, my friend. Be about your task.”

After the kill
R: Safety and Peace upon you, my Brother.
A: My thanks Rafik. Is everything well ?
R: Oh yes, yes. The city rests as best as it can. Your last mission was a nasty bit of business, was it not ? But it's done with now, yes. All is well with Damas. As well as can be expected. I fear there won't be true peace until this war is done with. Which is why you should hurry back to Masyaf. The sooner you are away, the sooner the land shall be free.

Acre - Sibrand

Spoiler: Highlight to view

While investigating
J: Altaïr.
A: Rafik.
J: How goes it ?
A: There is still more for me to learn about my enemy.
J: Then I'll not distract you.

Before the kill
J: What troubles you, my friend ?
A: I simply need a moment's rest.
J: I understand. Best prepare yourself for the task ahead. I have a feeling it won't be easy.

“If everything is ready then you should make your way to the docks. The longer you wait, the harder it will be.”
“Altaïr, it won't be an easy task but it must be done nonetheless.”
“You've made Al Mualim proud, and you have won my trust. I'm confident you will succeed.”
“I don't know much about Sibrand. But I can only assume this task will not be easy. The city grows wary of us. Wary of you, my friend.”

After the kill
J: Is everything well my friend ? I thought you were returning to Masyaf.
A: I have forgot something last I was here. I'll be on my way.
J: May you travel swift and safe, Brother. Al Mualim awaits.

“This is it, Altaïr. Masyaf and Al Mualim wait your return. Bring them news of Sibrand. I am sure everyone will be pleased.”
“I am sure Al Mualim will want to see you immediately. You should return to Masyaf once you're ready.”
“My friend, you should make your way back to Al Mualim with news of Sibrand.”
“I doubt you'll find something to do in Acre, my friend. With the removal of Garnier, William, and Sibrand, the city will be at peace. You should bring this information to Al Mualim.”
“You've done well, my Brother. Bring news of Sibrand to Al Mualim and I'm certain he'll be as proud as I.”

Jerusalem - "Robert"

Spoiler: Highlight to view

While investigating
M: Brother, have you found him ?
A: No, not yet. And what of your efforts ?
M: He's still here, that much I know. Where he's hiding and what he plans, this remains mysterious to me.
A: I'll continue my search then.
M: Fortune favors you.

Before the "kill"
M: Is everything alright, Brother ?
A: Yes, everything is fine.
M: Then be about your mission. Every moment Robert lives is a moment longer than he deserves.

“You've done well determining Robert's location. Now comes the hard part.”
“I wonder if the Templar has any idea of what we intend for him. It should be interesting to see how he reacts to your arrival.”
“Brother, you should hasten to the funeral before it's too late.”
“I wonder what Al Mualim has planned for you once Robert is dead. I suppose we'll have to deal with his remaining forces.”
“Only time will tell. This much is certain : the Holy Land is a better place because of you.”

Lastly, here are the conversations you have when you go to a city in which you doesn't have any target to kill at the moment.


Spoiler: Highlight to view

Memory block 3
R: Altaïr, my friend !
A: I trust all is well ?
R: Yes, indeed ! The city is at peace. All because of you... I think.

Memory block 4
R: Safety and Peace, my Brother.
A: To you as well, Rafik.
R: I'm happy to inform you that all is quiet in Damas. We have no need of your services today. Oh but do not take offense, I did not mean that you must leave. By all means feel free to stay. What's mine is yours, dear friend. Rest if you are weary. Though it seems odd you find time for recreation, I hope you are not ignoring your duties. Not that I'd accuse you of such, of course. It's only, well, with your past actions and everything... But this really isn't any of my business. I just don't want to see you humiliate yourself any further.

Memory block 5/6
R: Greetings, Altaïr.
A: Is there anything that requires my attention ?
R: Not in Damas, my friend. Have you tried Acre or Jerusalem ? Perhaps they have need of you there.


Spoiler: Highlight to view

Memory block 3
A: Safety and Peace, Rafik. Have you any work for me ?
J: I have nothing for you, no. Al Mualim must have meant for you to visit another city.

Memory block 4
“Maybe another city might have work for you.”
“I have nothing for you at the moment. Return some other time.”
“Altaïr, there is no work for you in Acre. You should try Jerusalem or Damas, they might require your services.”
“Altaïr, what brings you here ? I have no work for you.”
“Acre is quiet, my friend. There is nothing for you to do here.”

Memory block 5/6
A: Safety and Peace, Rafik. Have you any work for me ?
J: No, nothing at the moment, my friend. But I do appreciate the visit. However, Al Mualim probably needs you elsewhere.


Spoiler: Highlight to view

Memory block 3
“Shouldn't you be elsewhere ? Ideally far from here ?”
“Why do you trouble me ? There is no work for you here. Try the other cities.”
“All is quiet in Jerusalem, no thanks to you. Go and bother another Bureau leader if you are so desperate for work.”
“There is no reason for you to be in Jerusalem, Altaïr.”
“Damas or Acre may have work for you. Fortunately, Jerusalem have no need of your services.”

Memory block 4
“You've made a mistake in coming here. I have no work to offer you.”
“Jerusalem doesn't require your... 'talents', at this time.”
“Why are you here when the other Bureau leaders actually have need of your services ?”
“I was not expecting you Altaïr, which means you should not be here. Try another city.”
“Jerusalem is still recovering from your last visit. I suspect it will be a while before you're needed here again.”

Memory block 5
M: Altaïr, why are you here ?
A: I thought you might have need of my services.
M: Unless you carry a feather from the Master, I have nothing to offer.

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The Damascus Narcotics bit was awesome! : D

the posts a bit guy

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wow! im sure this took a lot of work to put together. isnt there a glitch where you cant leave the bureau if you talk to the rafik too many times?

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Good job, Sync, thanks!

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I didn't know about the ones that come up when you lock on the Rafik. This is awesome! Not only do they paint a more complete picture of the the Rafiks' personlities, but in reflection of Altair's as well!

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that was really good, it surprised me how fast i started reading it in the Burea-leaders least Maliks, the others i don't remember as well.

now i got an itch to replay it. thank you for that

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ROB_88 wrote:
that was really good, it surprised me how fast i started reading it in the Burea-leaders least Maliks, the others i don't remember as well.

The Damascus guy has the same voice as Leonardo, FYI. I always get a kick out of hearing him whenever i go back to AC1. Smile

Nice job on this compilation of random dialog, it must've taken you quite a while. I always fast forward to Masayf after each assassination so i didn't know they had anything unique to say at that point.

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Edit: I recently found out that "rafik" might be spelled "rafiq". Does anybody know for sure?

Thanks for the nice comments (and the front page! I only noticed later). And I'm all the more glad if it makes some feel like playing AC again.
And yes Ian, there is such a glitch, though it happened a lot less than I expected (2 or 3 times at most). The hardest part was the console that was absolutely not cooperating and kept freezing.

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It can be spelt either way, by the looks of it:

The Assassin's Creed Wiki wrote:
A Rafiq (or alternatively, Rafik)... was a graduated scholar of the Assassin Order...

'Rafiq' seems to be the standard spelling but 'Rafik' is an alternative (and most likely more Anglicised) version. The original word would abviously be in Arabic text so the English version is phonetic more than a direct spelling translation. Both versions sound the same and seem perfectly acceptable.

Interestingly, the Arabic form of Rafiq/Rafik, رفيق, translates into English as friend/companion/comrade/associate! Smile

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So "rafiq" would be more authentic. But if they are both acceptable, I won't bother changing it. Thanks for the information!

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I would say so, yes, but I wouldn't bother changing it either. No problem Smile

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Superb work, this is very detailed. This reminds me of how dynamic and diverse the character conversations are in AC1 (I am sure they are equally as good in the rest of the games). And how each character has such a rich personality.

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