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Gilded Butterflies - Early Death

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The assassination mission Gilded Butterflies takes place at The Bazaar.

Early Infiltration

The room where the assassination takes place is normally not accessible before the mission, but here is how you can access it. From the place shown in the video at 0:35, Basim can throw a knife to unbar one of the doors. I found it easier to use eagle vision and aim right above the red glow. Note: If you have already started the mission you won't be able to do this because weapons are not allowed in The Bazaar at that time. The room is empty except for one guard.

Early Death

Ning doesn't appear until after the auction scene. Problem is she is immune to damage. Once you have obtained the brooch needed for the mission the game spawns all the guards in the room and Ning in her target form.

Now here is what happens if you kill her at this point: The game recognizes you have eliminated the target, but the memory corridor scene won't play (and her two bodyguards cannot engage you in combat; their detection arrows go back down). So we'll talk to the guard at the door to progress the story, and the memory corridor now starts.


Normally you lose the opportunity for a unique kill if Ning gets spooked, but if you scare her before the last checkpoint you can still perform the cinematic death. The scene starts with glitched camera angles.