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[Ghost of Tsushima: Legends] Severed Hearts | Assassin, Solo

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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends
Mission 1: Severed Hearts
Assassin, Solo, 6:40 In-Game Time

The free Co Op update for Ghost of Tsushima, Legends, recently released. It allows players to play with friends, Matchmake with strangers, or even play missions completely Solo if they wish. Best of all, because it's mission-based, therefore meant to allow grinding for rewards and progression, that means these missions are replayable as many times as we want.

This is a quick playthrough of the first mission, Severed Hearts, using the Assassin class in the game.

Each mission has a unique mechanic, and the one here is that certain pairs of enemies will be tethered together. You have to eliminate both in quick succession or they will revive each other.

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