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The Ghost of the Sistine Chapel

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Killing the brutes in the Sistine Chapel is tricky because if they are in sight of other brutes when they die you desynch (with the exception of poison). Here are two old methods of emptying out the place.

Now while playing around in there I happened upon a glitch. You can get away with regular kills on the guards if done right. Also you can do it without even being seen (no yellow bars).

When you get in the room climb along the wall and lock onto one of the brutes in the middle. Now keep that lock and get back to the entrance of the room. Throw a knife. The brute reacts by searching a nearby group of civilians. After throwing the second knife immediately leave the room. If you get far enough away you won't desynch. You'll know the exact boundary line because it's when you can't hear Rodrigo. Now if you enter the room with the dead body in there you'll desynch. To remedy that get far enough away to make the body disappear (thanks to IanXO4 for explaining that in his video).

Now when you enter the place you can get away with killing the guards in front of each other, even with the hidden gun. Just remember that if you get detected you will still desynch.

With throwing knives you can kill Rodrigo and quickly pick up his body. However he still respawns after the memory corridor.

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love the Cardinal Conga Line

“Force has no place where there is need of skill." Herodotus

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Double McStab with Cheese wrote:
love the Cardinal Conga Line

They also looks like sardines Laughing out loud