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The Fastest Ways to Assassinate Rouille

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 8 Memory 2 September Massacres Rouille Assassination

Undetected Until the Kill

The fastest route I could find. On a reload you start out the missions below the beam instead of on it. Jump down to the ground right away and head straight. Then turn left around the building and climb up from the market stall to the climbable ledges by the window. Climb straight up and the target is right ahead (when you reach the roof climb to the upper left to avoid scaling an unnecessary tower).

When you reach the roof it gets tricky because a guard always spawns shortly. To prevent him from detecting me, a cherry bomb distraction was used. You'll still cause suspicion but can start an air kill before becoming exposed.

Shortcut Route

Reloading the last checkpoint after reaching the target, you'll start on the roof. This was probably put into the game to make things easier. Start moving slightly to the right to avoid being seen right away by the rooftop guards. Now with some well aimed jumps you'll reach Rouille in very little time. But of course the nearby guards are a problem. Since you get seen before reaching the target, smoke bombs were used to avoid combat.

Also Undetected

Killing the target anonymously using the shortcut route requires sacrificing a little time. When you reach the place the guards will see you, get into crouching mode to avoid their line of sight. By the time they fully detect you, the target is already at the mercy of your blade.

These are the fastest ways I could end the target Rouille. Perhaps some of you can find improvements.

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Leo K
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The first one, Undetected Until Kill, was top-notch stuff.
Very good HiddenBlade-style thinking in using the Cherry Bomb to circumvent the effects of the Animus shoving guards at us.

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Nice job, as always. The first way shown here is actually what I plan in the speedrun Smile but I never know how to exactly pull it off.