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Eagle's Hunt: Easter Eggs

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Easter Eggs in Assassin's Creed...

- The towels in Desmond's bathroom are rearranged each Memory Block.
- An assassin in the Kingdom outside of Masyaf glows red under eagle vision. It could be Masun's accomplice Jamal. Note that you can assassinate him without becoming Exposed (I don't know why so many people have trouble doing this.)
- There are several places where you can find blood under "laundry". It actually looks more like animal hides being prepared.
- Some windows in Damascus and Jerusalem were designed to look like Transform Optimus Prime in truck mode. I've never been able to confirm one in Acre.
- The 31 dots on the globe represent locations of Pieces of Eden. All have mystical significance or unexplained phenomena.
- Evil face is a bug that occurs after you complete the game. I think it was supposed to be a 3D golden icon of the Piece of Eden but it got misplaced in the Animus menu.