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Eagle Strike from Galata Tower

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As the title says this is an eagle strike from Galata tower (the highest tower in the game?). The target I choose is from a recruit assassin mission The Avenger. I'm not sure if there are any other missions with a target closer to the tower, but I just decided to record this before someone else does.

The Setup
The target is designed to run away instead of fight, so you can't lure him to the tower. Start off by killing the guards around him. I chose to kill them stealthily, but if you want to save time let one of them see you, then lure him away. When he detects you the other nearby guards will come running at you, but the target will not run away so long as there is no clear line of sight between both of you when you are detected. Now for moving the target. Throw a smoke bomb and grab him (you need to use a smoke bomb or the target will react to being grabbed. Also it's probably not necessary to grab him with a weapon since he doesn't detect you on sight). When you move him up the stairs he somehow escapes your grip and you will have to grab him again. Be careful during this part of the setup as a few things cause him to flee later.
1. Grabbing him when he isn't affected by a smoke bomb.
2. If he sees a dead body.
3. If the smoke bomb hits him when you throw it?

The Eagle Strike
Leave the target by a freerunning platform on the side of the building to the west of the tower. Then climb up to the top of the tower and hang off the south side. Jump sideways to the west. When grasping aim the left analog stick to the top right. I accidentally activated the parachute when trying to grasp the ledge and air assassinate quickly (so it might be a good idea to get rid of parachutes when trying this). You don't actually see the parachute but you see some dust made by it and hear it activating. This is probably the longest anyone has been in the air for an eagle strike. A few more things to mention. I first did this by jumping directly off the west side, but every other time I tried that I landed on the edge of the freerunning platform and died. Also if you jump to the west while hanging off the north side you can catch onto a zip line.

The place where you start and end the mission is conveniently close to the tower. That's a nice way to end the video.

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And so Altair's eagle strike on William of Montferrat's life has been eclisped by Ezio's eagle strike.

The legend continues...

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ian did one on sibrand from the cathedral of the holy cross

Guess what? CHICKEN BUTT Laughing out loud

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Lovely Eagle Strike. The close proximity to the ground after the catch/before the air assassination makes it all the more impressive! Smile

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You suck at using the hookblade, Aurel. You're not supposed to bash A to get up. A tap suffices.
Other than that, awesome stunt! I thought the parachute things was quite a cool effect. Smile

I really should play this game more. Haven't played in the past three days. Sad


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161803398874989 wrote:
I really should play this game more. Haven't played in the past three days. Sad


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