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Dead On Arrival

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This contract is slightly harder than the others when going for stealth. If you get anywhere near the guard, he will run. Also, if you kill any guards behind him without him seeing them, he will still run.

In the first clip I use a rush strategy, however if you look at the map there is a red ring for a split second so it really isn't an anonymous kill

The second clip I kill him using throwing knives, however the game screws up and thinks he is still alive, making it impossible to finish the mission

The third clip I use the hyperblend exploit, all credit for this idea goes to IanX04, who posted a video on how to do it. Using this exploit I could walk closer to him and kill him, as soon as you kill him all guards disappear so you are not seen

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You know how I hang from one side of the building, climb and and stab him just as he runs away? If you hang from the other side and highlight him ( But dont lock on) the assassinate control appears on the HUD. You can then do an animation where you climb up and assassinate him, all before he runs away. As soon as you kill him the archer disappears and the guy he was talking to walks away.

I also found fast walking towards him from that side reached him before he bolts, but this was after i made the video. Maybe you could try a mysterious death here by fast walking from that side, poisoning him and somehow getting off the building. I tried but the other uard always notices me, but maybe you could simply walk behind the guard before the blend wears off instead of trying to get away? If it doesnt work, just show me your video anyway and if it does try add it in somehow

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i really like the first clip, even tho you are exposed for a split sec. there is a way to do this completely anonymously using superblend. use a ladder and the passing crowd to superblend. climb up and hang off the nearby wall that has the archer on the roof. pull the archer down so that he falls to the street. then air assassinate the target. remember that you cant lock onto the target, otherwise you will automatically become exposed. let me know if you want to see the vid for this.