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Conversationalist: Desmond and Lucy

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My official farewell video for Assassin's Creed I. No fancy assassinations or FAQ's - just having a little fun. Love

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Must we derive the "sexual tension" from this video, stab? Tongue

"You're more full of wind than a horse with cholic"- John Marston.

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Most definitely, Ve. This video lays bare the sexual tension already present in the game. Desmond is clearly obsessed with Lucy. He even dreams about her at night after a long day on the Animus. And just look at the intimacy with which Lucy talks to Desmond. She leans in as if to kiss him only to muster the strength to hold herself back at the last moment.

Yep, it's official... Desmond and Lucy are gettin' it on in AC3! Party

You won't even feel the blade.