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Is this a common glitch?

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As you can see, Altaïr is sitting on a bench all by himself, with no people next to him. I just wanted to know if you have seen this before, whether or not it's a common glitch.

It happened when I wanted to clear all guards in and around the church stealthily. I slipped inside using scholars, then assassinated the lone guard in the church. When the two guards at the door returned to their posts after investigating the body, I stood up, took one of them out with a throwing knife and immediately sat down. His death caused chaos among the civilians so they stood up and ran away, and I just sat there.

Btw, I love the way the fat man on the left runs. Also, they man on the right is clearly begging Altaïr for mercy, yet the guard doesn't seem to care.

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Yeah, it happens from time to time. I've never tried to reproduce it, though.


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It usually happens when you JUST sit down and the civilians get riled up from something like that. I replicated it more in the Ezio games than AC1.

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