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Burning The Compass

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The Lunden story arc ends with a boss fight against The Compass. This is designed to be combat rather than an assassination. Since I already assassinated The Arrow and The Leech with explosions I decided to use fire on their boss as well.

You have three choices on how to approach The Compass. I choose to take the flank with Erke. He leads Eivor on a good route around the left of the forces. You can jump from log to log and stay dry but the archers will shoot at you about halfway there. I dive into the water and sneak up on the two archers nearest The Compass. After dispatching them I fire a crossbow at the target. It breaks down after the third shot and does a disappointing amount of damage.

Now I swim underwater far enough away that The Compass loses track of Eivor. When he's not looking I climb to a high point on a nearby boat. The Compass wanders between three sets of explosive barrels (one set is hidden behind a wall that collapses when shot with an arrow). Shoot whichever barrels are nearest to him and set The Compass on fire. A barrage of arrows both accelerates his demise and prevents him from throwing a counterattack at Eivor.

The escape demonstrates the dry route back to shore. Now that the archers have ceased fire there's no reason to swim.

You won't even feel the blade.

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You can even make Valhalla look fun! This is why you're the master.

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