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Auditore Crypt (Hidden Areas)

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The purpose of this video is to show you where the secret areas and chests are in the Assassin Tombs. This video has two secret chests ( to my knowledge).

The first one is at 1:15
The second one is at 3:55 ( strange way of reaching the chest, didnt know about the proper way)

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Thanks man, I have only struggled with one tomb and thats the last one, the shipyard. Many times I wanted to run in a straight line and Ezio will leap into the friggen water. I have the DLC done now so expect 4 more to come

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Wow, Jack-Reacher, you make it look so easy. I did the crypt just so I could have one 100% game and swore never to do it again. Emphasis on swear (you never heard such language!). Maybe I'll have my computer on my lap and tuned to your vid next time I play, because it's a nice game.

Good work and thank you. Laughing out loud

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