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Assassin's Creed is too easy

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Kotaku wrote:
The more toys Ezio gets, the further the imbalance is exacerbated—facing eight enemies, I've got my choice of shooting them, chain-killing them, picking them off one by one with counters, crossbowing them, throwing knives at them, overpowering them by hammering the attack button, or if I get bored, just dropping a smoke bomb and assassinating them one by one.

Good example of the lack of challenge with the "improvements".

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I'm annoyed that that article took so long to come out. Everyone knows this by now. It was in every review of the game.

the posts a bit guy

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This is one of those debatable things towards any video-games. Though the combat system looks looks amazing, it is rather unrealistic how one middle age man can string up numerous chain kills while carrying crossbows, throwing knivers, dagger, blade, bombs, bullets, and other varied equipment.

If you make the fight system more harder and realistic, it might turn off face-paced players that want action mixed with stealth. If you make the fight system more seamless while giving the protagonist a disproportional lethal amount of weapons, it'll make the game unrealistic and too easy. Ubisoft can't satisfy anything, or can they...

Perhaps if they tweaked several aspects of game-play (Calvar might've already said these before):
- enemies attack/grab MUCH MORE in combat while you're in chain kill
- the yellow/red search bar fills up MUCH MORE quicker
- groups tend to use more teamwork, such as one physically attacking while the other backs off and prepares to fire
- a difficulty setting, though this will have to work with the Animus interface

There ya go! A more realistic and difficult Assassin's Creed game!

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Well, they took their time. Most major fans of AC have been saying this since ACII or even ACI FLAE's eye roll

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I appreciate the chain kills personally, though yes its unrealistic but it really is handy (and fun).

A thing I noticed in AC B is that Ezio can still chain-kill enemies with the pistol (shooting them in the head point-blank), even if the player has run out of ammunition.

Played AC B the second time and when I realized that I could practically kill everyone I headhunted the Borgia captains and raised merry hell.

I agree with the improvements with the AI... (maybe the Papal Guard- enemy AI level should be set as default?) Making the enemies tougher will perhaps make the player hesitant about a killing-spree approach. (and stick more to the tenets of the creed)

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Leo K
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The game is too easy, but I wouldn't remove the Chain Kills. They are one of the things that makes Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed at this point. I WOULD make the AI much harder, and most importantly (for combat) make the Counter timing window smaller because the Counter timing window for Hidden Blades is now as big as the timing window for Sword in AC1. That's pretty ridiculous. The whole point of using Hidden Blades is that it's a one-shot kill ALWAYS, but hard to pull off..

For the stealth, things should fill up faster, I think some changes to the Blend would be nice. Like it not being necessary to blend with a group of 4 or more, but rather if there are just civilians walking around in an area, being in those civilians, even if they're disjointed would cause you to Blend. This would make it a bit easier given the current Stealth AI, but that's why I think the Stealth AI should be harder. As Vesferatu said, SSI should change faster.

Lastly, as I may have said in some posts before, AC: Revelations was rumored to have a difficulty slider/selector.
This was NOT anywhere in the final game. I was slightly disappointed with that. At LEAST give us the ability to play a harder/Master Assassin/New Game+ after beating the story mode once. That way first time players are fine, second time players who want a bigger challenge are granted it.