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Acre Dreams

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Altaïr returns to Acre in Assassin's Creed II with some slightly different skills. Gone are nine of the ways to wield the hidden blade: low profile, high profile, running, prone, hidden blade counter and taunting penalty. However, he has acquired some new skills. Namely those that he passed along to Ezio through the Codex:

1:14 Altaïr retains his air to assassinate move. In fact, his range is much better than in AC1 and we get this nice camera angle of the jump.

1:22 Ah, the spring-loaded air to assassinate! Acquire a target lock and then climb to a point higher than where you would normally be able to lock on. Press the attack button to let it rip.

1:40 This may look like a running assassination but it isn't. The move is initiated while Altaïr still hangs from the ledge. The rest of the animation is all automatic.

1:50 The low profile ledge assassination, just the way Ezio learned to take out archers.

1:56 The Templars don't normally walk past haystacks. You have to grab and throw them into a near the hay to try these.

Unfortunately, the roof gardens have been removed from Richard's Citadel and there aren't any civilians to sit on benches. Otherwise I suspect Altaïr could do additional assassinations from hiding spots.

2:04 Pulling the Templar into the haystack.

There have been some design changes to William's quarters:

  • William's desk is gone.
  • The haystack has been moved from the outer wall to the middle of this room.
  • The ladder has been moved to the right of the scaffolding.
  • There's a "prison" behind the two walls that meet where William's desk once was.

I call it a prison because there's no way for Altaïr to get back there and no way for those three Templars to get out. Poor bastards!

2:38 Altaïr has some grappling moves that were absent in AC1 such as groin kicks, head butts and curb stomps.

2:50 Here's something that even Ezio can't do: survive a twelve story fall! The water is off limits, so we don't know if Altaïr learned how to swim.

3:26 This demonstrates that Maria remains invincible. Swords and fists pass right through her and she can't be grabbed and thrown. Note how she leaves a trail of gold on the ground, even with Eagle Vision turned off.

3:47 Major vertical leap by Maria. She must have been anxious to get on top of the tower. Wink

3:58 Once again, you can put the lantern in orbit. It doesn't make that loud, clanging sound anymore.

4:18 Desmond recognizes her as "Maria from Acre". Based on what he learned in AC1 she would have been "that unnamed woman from Jerusalem". LadyVe points out that in AC: Bloodlines, Maria introduces herself in Acre. That fills the plot hole but I still think it's going to be hard for Altaïr and Maria to explain to their children exactly how they met.

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Wow, that is a very well documented video I had no idea that all this was possible. Really well done stabguy, and I'll definatly make some more videos on AC1, battles in the 3 cities and also making war in the kingdom.

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3:40. Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile

Hooray! That scene itself could get 20,000 views..