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Ac III or Ac IV? what was better?

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Personally, I prefer ACIII because I thought it had a better story than IV. and Connor's awesome..
What did you guys think?

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gameplay, stealth, options, story (human vs TWCB), tutorials, side content: ACIV

story (assassin vs templar), story (protagonist), land gameplay/environments [note: loved the frontier], setting: ACIII

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well. i personally thought that AC 3 was a piece of shit, so take from that what you will

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I wouldn't say ACIII was a piece of shit, I'd say ACIII was... unfortunate. I was disappointed because it could have turned out so much better. I was really satisfied with the way ACIV turned out.

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AC3 was an absolute disappointment.

AC4 improved a lot of things, but I keep getting that nagging feeling that everything that made 4 good...SHOULD have been in 3 from the very beginning!

Damn video-game deadlines. Always the bane of a good AAA game.

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AC3 had a lot of ambition and didn't land at all. AC4 had hardly any excitement after AC3 since its announcement and blew everyone away. AC3 felt extremely empty, and I'm not just referring to the wide roads and flat landscapes. After you complete the story, there's not much to keep your interest. AC4 is filled with things to do and gives you more options on how and when to do them. Plus, it's prettier to look at, which makes you want to explore more.

AC4 wins by a landslide for me.

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AC IV is objectively maybe the best Assassin's Creed game in the series. AC3 is objectively flawed in many, many ways.

I will always love AC3 more, though. The setting and characters clicked for me in a way that they haven't in any other AC game. I've never felt I knew any group of Templars or any Assassin Mentor better than I got to know the ones in AC3.

Connor's fighting style is so much more efficient than Edward's. His animation is fantastic, and ACIV actually cut out some of the cooler parts of the ACIV animation system. And I liked Desmond's ending despite obvious flaws.

ACIV is more structurally sound, has more significant, numerous and well-designed gameplay, it runs better even on current gen consoles, it doesn't have a slow start like AC3 did, and the present day stuff is presented with far more polish.

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Personally I liked AC4 better.

If you really think about it, you could draw parallels from AC3-1 and ACIV-II.

Like, that's kind of how the jump feels.

AC1 gave us an awesome engine, with not a lot of objective variety in it (So communities like ours made up our own basically.)
AC3 gave us tree-running, a taste of naval gameplay and a new animation style. So, a new engine. But not much game in it.

AC2 refined AC1 in almost every way, even if it did take one or two steps back. It was agreed by everybody to be a great game overall, and a great addition to the series (I don't think before this anyone KNEW it would have actually BEEN a series. That's why AC1 was so spooky. We thought that was the ending and we had to figure it out.)
AC4 added onto everything from AC3 in amazing ways. The changes to stealth were good, the changes to combat difficulty (dialed back from AC1 in AC2, cranked up from AC3 to 4 etc.) And there just seemed to be more "game" there than in AC3. Just there seemed to be more "game" in AC2 than 1.

AC4 is also more colorful and brighter than AC3 - just like how AC2 was more colorful and brighter than AC1.

Personally I kind of like this parallel idea, it makes a lot of sense. Also, we did just start a new saga, and I'm curious to see where THIS story goes. Like, if AC were released in "Seasons" this would be the beginning of Season 2. Wherein we probably find more about Erudito and Abstergo, and these new creepy Instruments of the First Will people. Just like the blood message at the end of AC1, or the Minerva holo at the end of AC2, we have no idea what's going to happen next, but we know SOMETHING big will.

The message you get from the Assassins saying "we're ready to strike" at the end of Black Flag, the stuff with Juno, the stuff with the Sage. Crazy stuff.

Sorry, I started ranting haha. But you get what I'm saying.