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[Naval] Event Ship: The Black Wind [Nightmare Difficulty]

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Nightmare Difficulty
Timed Epic Ship: The Black Wind (Event)
Targets: Alpha Light Trireme (Boss) with two other ships (Additionals).

I'm not much of a Naval guy, but I figure it's good to have at least a bit of high-level, maximum-difficulty Naval Gameplay on this website.

Naval in Odyssey handles and controls more smoothly than the previous games, feeling a lot more arcade-y and game-y, and even less simulated. You can move your ship around very comfortably, for the most part, and both attacking and defending are quick to access without much delay between actions. Boosting in order to temporarily move faster is easy to use, and so is turning, and ramming enemy ships.

At high difficulties, without having an upgraded ship, a player can be torn asunder very quickly, and even when maxed out, the biggest difference between this game and previous iterations of Naval is how Unbraced (Not Blocked) Damage is handled. It was possible not to Brace against damage in Black Flag, Rogue, Origins, and still live, but doing so in this game, even against normal enemy ships will savage your health-bar horribly. Blocking is even more important in this game, and so is picking the right moments to fire back.