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[AC4][S2M2] Infiltrating the Lockup - Stealth, Pacifist

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Leo K
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- No Kills
- No Detects
- Low Time to Infiltrate (Swimming Away can take a while.)

The first Checkpoint of ...And My Sugar? is not very interesting.
I decided to do a Stealth run of the second checkpoint, where you have to infiltrate the Lockup and get back the First Civ Vial (and Bonnet's sugar... Which unfortunately Edward couldn't care less about.)

I didn't have to hide in the door at the end there, I could have just kept mashing the Open Door command to get inside when the Rifleman lost track of where I was. Nor did I need to waste time climbing the entirety of the tower - I could have just jumped off the side wall. That would have been much faster too. Oh well Tongue Still getting grips on recording and using all the software.

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That was pretty smooth. Good job!


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