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TheHiddenBlade Skype Group

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Leo K
Toronto, Canada
Joined: 12/30/2009

Hello fellow Assassins and Templar Agents,

I approached Joey with the idea of creating a persistent TheHiddenBlade Skype Group for everyone who wants to give me their Skype ID. I'd manage what little needed managing (it's really just Status/Topic of the Day/Topic of the Week, and Group Icon/Picture). It'd make getting in touch in Real Time a lot easier than syncing up with Timezones and whatnot - since anyone could log in, easily glance to see if one of us was online or not, and begin chatting.

If you'd be interested, Inbox me your Skype name. If I have you on Facebook (so mostly just Lisa and Aurel for now) I've also sent you a message there.


Joe, I've already got.