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Sibrand Shows up Late

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At Where else?
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This is the result of entering the shipyard from the way I took in my previous video. Enter from the south wall and take the path shown. Sibrand is missing and the scene won't start. There are just a bunch of civilians and guards standing around. Kill the guards and head for the entrance. Then head back and the scene will start. Notice how there are considerably less civilians encompassing Sibrand during the scene. Near the end it's easier to notice the missing guards by the hilarity of the dead monk floating in the air and being thrown in the water, and the helmet appearing onto Sibrand's head. Unfortunately the scene does not end. I had to desynchronize by walking off a corner. Since it didn't autosave I appeared back at the bureau. Things happened a little differently the first time I did this. When I first did this I didn't kill all of the guards in that area, and when I went all the way to the shipyard entrance the scene did end.
These glitches have happened before, but by chance.