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[Odyssey] Poseidon's Trident (Breathe Forever)

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Of the many gods the ancient Greeks revered, one of the most well-known to us today is Poseidon. God of the seas and all that lives in water, he would be an impressive being to many of his priests and worshipers, not the least because so much of the world back then, as today, belongs to the oceans.

The weapon most linked to Poseidon is of course his Trident, and on the East Side of the map, on a little island between Chios and Samos, we find the Temple of Poseidon. Go to any nearby ship dock, sail to this island, and sneak past, or defeat the Lions guarding a Legendary Treasure Chest, and you will find Poseidon's Trident.

"This mighty Trident is coveted by sailors, as it's said it can control the seas."

This item description is not far off the mark. The Trident's unique engraving is that it lets us breathe underwater. Equipping this weapon in any of our two slots, or placing the Breathe Underwater Engraving on an equipped weapon will make it so our oxygen gauge never depletes.

The nice thing about this passive, is that even if you are drowning, going to your inventory and equipping a weapon that has it will stop your drowning and let you save your own life. Very handy for exploring the many underwater locations in Assassin's Creed Odyssey completely stress-free, as well as for lurking underwater when you want to stay out of sight of your enemies. There are several interesting applications of this passive, but the rest of them, I leave to you to discover on your own.

Now I say goodbye, and with your newfound control of the seas, may you all stay sneaky.