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Le Peletier Speedy Stealth Kills

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As requested by LuckyJaguar on Youtube.

Trying for the same style as the Marie stealth kill. Basically choose a fast route to the target and take out any guards along the way, while not being fully detected.

In this case start out running to the left of the building to avoid confronting large amounts of guards. The two posted guards won't react fast enough to block a quick double assassination. The patrolling high level guard in the courtyard will have his back turned. Inside are four other guards, two posted in front of the stairs, one patrolling on one side of the room, and the other guard on the other side. Throw a smoke bomb to avoid being seen and get the posted guards. The others might not be close enough to waste your time on.

Once you're upstairs, disguise will help if you're not patient enough to blend. You won't come under suspicion for throwing smoke bombs as long as you're in disguise. Taking out the guards there isn't necessary unless you want a completely stealthy mission. I decided to just assassinate the guards in between the target and me.

What differs from the last video is that I used disguise and smoke bombs, but still didn't use ranged kills.