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Easy Unlimited Healing

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Healing in Assassins Creed Mirage is kind of a hassle. The most common methods are either using an elixir or eating food from placed objects in the world. You can only hold a few elixirs at a time, and the only ways to obtain more are buying from a merchant or random loot.

There is also the Abbasid Knight Outfit, which will slowly heal you if you are below 50% health and undetected. If you bought the digital deluxe edition, the dagger and sword have an effect that heals you 20% when you attack after performing a perfect parry.

The last method of healing that I am aware of is a dagger called The Samsaama. While equipped you will be healed 10% of your health every five hits.

What Ubisoft isn't aware of is an easy method of getting unlimited heals with the dagger that don't require getting into combat or becoming notorious: If you summon your horse attacks against it count. The healing is indicated by a white glow on Basim.

A few observations from this:

The horse will run away. Best to do this in a packed area to avoid chasing it around. If the horse runs into water and gets into a wading stance it will head back to shore, making for an easy trapping.

Careful not to do this right by civilians or guards as Basim's attacks have a wide range and can easily get into open conflict and/or gain notoriety.

If the horse dies, you will be unable to call it again until the body despawns. After a short while the horse corpse disappears, or you can travel a distance from the body.

If civilians witness the horse being killed, Basim can gain a little notoriety, but not enough to fill up a bar. Guards become suspicious by the horse's dead body. You can avoid killing the horse by repeatedly calling it from a distance to respawn it's health.

Horses can be called in many places, but not indoors, on rooftops, or from restricted areas.

Bloopers: On one recording I was attacked by a chicken after killing the horse. It appears animals in this game are a separate faction and rise to protect each other?