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Bayezid District

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I will try not to flood this board in one day with videos but im only at my parents for a few days so this is the best time for me to record videos with sound.

Some brief info about the level: There is only one captain and he is a coward, he will run to the den if he sees you. If he so much as glances at you he will automatically be alerted just like those gunmen in those little structures around the dens. This guy will patrol the perimeter of the map, he spawns right at the bottom of the viewpoint. There are two other people to identify at the bottom of the view point.

When making these videos I change costumes to create a spawn point, I tried to show a variety of different locations to start the mission from, but since he starts in the same spot each time you have to wait around a lot.

Because we know he will run to the entrance of the den, why not simply plant a tripwire bomb at the exit? You are pretty much guaranteed the kill this way unless you die.

As for the ghost run, I simply found a route where there were little guards and snuck up behind him.

I wasn't too happy with the zipline, but at least I have some better ones planned so at least my videos should get better and better.

For the final clip I was planning on getting on top of the view point and throwing a bomb at him like in the last one, but he is pretty much sheltered or out of range for most of his patrol, so I thought I would just show off the sticky bomb to wipe out all four identifiable guards at once.