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Assassination | The Scarab's Sting // Stealth, No HUD

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Assassin's Creed Origins
The Scarab's Sting // Assassinate the Scarab
No HUD, No Detects, Story Playthrough

Bayek of Siwa finds the Scarab is perhaps more unpredictable than he might've thought. At the mercy of the desert heat, his link to Senu is all that saves his life. Deprived of his weapons, Bayek moves to retrieve his equipment before ending the Scarab's sadistic killings once and for all.

Assassin's Creed Origins, like usual, has such erratic and totally random guard patrol-patterns that it basically necessitates most "choreographed" stealth actually be this super improvised, on-the-fly, adaptive affair. Slowing the pace of gameplay down can still allow for cinematic flair while taking moments of time to assess and manage Risk before moving, but it's much, much harder to make any kind of stylish content on this game than the previous ones.

AC Odyssey has a Quick-Save button in its Pause Menu. This is likely to help us a lot, but I'll believe it when I try it myself.