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[AC Origins] Temple of Amun - Ghost [Full Sync Demo/Concept]

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Synchronization unstable…
Memory Repair Method Selected; Initializing Ghost Memory Imprint//…
Avoid unnecessary kills to restore system stability//…

Demo/Mockup/Design Concept
Only unlocked in New Game+, not required for 100% Completion or Achievements – certain memories (not all) can have extra challenge criteria associated with them. To repair the memory, an Animus Subject selects a Repair Method before launching the simulation, and proceeds with the chosen style. Full Synchronization is achieved upon successful repair and completion of the memory.

  • Slayer: Combat-Kill Most/All Guards
  • Reaper: Stealth or Speed-Kill Most/All Guards
  • Pacifist: Avoid killing. Use of Fists, Takedowns and Sleep permitted. Detection permitted.
  • Ghost: No Kills/KOs/Tools/Detects

Each method, if completed successfully, will restore system stability equally well. Play one you excel in, or learn a new style. Good luck in there. If we see any bad data headed your way, we’re pulling you out.