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Acre - Middle

Play along with the video below the map to quickly collect all Teutonic flags, which are in Acre, Middle District.

Assassin's Creed maps by Asaic
Screen shots courtesy FiReStOrM of

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The video starts near flag 32, just outside of the southern gate to the docks.

Here is an abbreviated table of contents in case you are looking for a specific flag or Templar:

Flags 1-4, 4:55
Flags 5-9, 6:00
Flag 10, 8:50
Flags 11-15, 7:35
Flags 16-20, 3:40
Flags 21-26, 1:55
Flags 27-32, 0:05
Flag 33, 9:30

Templar 1, 7:05
Templar 2, 9:00
Templar 3, 0:00