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How the Memory Corridor Should Have Looked in Black Flag

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I am referring to how memory corridors start in assassinations. Unlike previous games, AC4 doesn't have an effect when memory corridors are loading. However, assassination contracts use slow motion for their targets. I use this to my advantage to show how assassinations could have looked, using ingame mechanics.

Templar Hunt + Assassination Contract

During this demonstration the last Anto Templar Hunt mission is used and the nearest contract, The Weapon Smugglers. Not shown in the video is the first part of the setup. Start with taking out all enemies in the restricted area of the contract except for the target, then lead the target to the location of the Templar Hunt target. Luckily the Templar is near the edge of the area and can be lured away without having to worry about drawing the attention of the other guards (unfortunately I didn't use sleep darts fast enough in the first example and got seen).

So here are the results of killing both targets, thus combining both the slow motion effect and memory scene.
1. Double assassination with hidden blades. Because they both die at exactly the same time, the memory corridor is starting at the same time of the slow motion. This doesn't look good since you can barely tell there was a slow motion effect until after the scene.
2. Double kill two enemies front to back with dual swords. When you high profile kill an enemy with dual swords and another enemy is right on the other side, Edward performs a second kill right after in the animation. This looks better because you see a brief moment of slow motion right before the memory corridor.
3. High profile bayonet kill. Kill an enemy from behind with a bayonet and a second enemy within range gets shot during the end of the animation. This looks the best in terms of what I was hoping to accomplish, with the memory corridor delayed a few seconds after the slow motion starts. Sexy

Now since this was done with what the game already had, do you think it would have been better this way compared to memory corridors starting like regular scenes?

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This ... this is quite awesome.

This is the type of thing that got me hooked on this site.

Being more creative with the game than the designers actually intended you to be.

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