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[AC Syndicate] A Spanner In The Works [Non-Lethal / Target Only]

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(Volume for this one is lower than usual. My apologies for that.)

Sequence 1: A Spanner In The Works from AC Syndicate.
Rupert Ferris Assassinated and Area Escaped without any other kills. All cutscenes removed.
One enemy kills himself by accident, by jumping off the train during the escape. Sad
* * *
1) No Kills or Knockouts except Targets, unless Required.
2) No Detects except upon Assassination Moment
- Awareness Meters are allowed.
- I will try to avoid being detected during Assassinations as well, but if it's necessary, it's fine.
- Wear the Upgraded Beer Collector Belt for Jacob and the Upgraded Aegis Cloak for Evie.
4) No Side Objectives
5) No HUD except Awareness Meters and Tool Indicator

This is the first mission of AC Syndicate, and a tutorial mission too.

I cut out the very beginning of the mission because no true Stealth is possible there. First, you are forced to Air Assassinate a guard, then you're forced to do a quick Combat Tutorial against three more. The beginning of this video starts after I've already done that. Be aware that I do have the Gang Skill that disables Blighter aggression outside of Restricted Areas, and that I'm wearing the Stealthiest Belt for Jacob (Beer Collector Belt). The Master Assassin outfit just looks cool, so I wore that for that reason, not for its bonus (which isn't Stealth anyway.)

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Templar vs Templar - Guard Assisted Assassination on Tamir

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Time for what would have been an impossible way to kill a target in the first Assassins Creed: Have his health taken out single-handedly by another character. If you aren't familiar with guard factions and their ability to engage in combat with one another, check this out first.

Templar vs Tamir

The regular Saracen guards are a different faction than the target Tamir. He appears to belong to the same faction as other similarly dressed guards at his assassination. At first I tried getting the guards in the area to kill Tamir, but even after so many hits he wouldn't die. Later I realized a Templar could do the job.

Luckily one is located pretty close Northeast of the bazaar. My original plan was to get Tamir to fight other guards and have those guards chase me to the Templar, but when that happened the Templar only went after me. So instead I'll lead the Templar to Tamir.

The route I take out of the place is in the Northwest, by where the target emerges from. Guards are eliminated along the way, then after getting the Templar's attention, backtrack the way you came.

The place I chose to "confess" (aka activate battle mode) the target is a corner where he'll take notice while chewing out one of the merchants. Make sure you are close to the wall out of sight and that the guard is in plain view of the target. With the Templar it was tricky because he chases you from the other side away from the target. I fixed that with a grab and throw, but high level Templars can counter those, and illegal actions will draw the attention of nearby enemies. I got detected a lot by Tamir.

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[AC Unity] Le Roi est Mort [Non-Lethal/Target Only]

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Leo K here, to pick these videos back up before Syndicate. This is the worst-designed target in the entire game. Everything that is broken about Unity is exacerbated by moving Arno indoors, and the worst interior areas are the sewers/catacombs due to their lack of possibilities. As a result, I do multiple checkpoints/record multi-segments for this one. It's very possible to do this entire mission in a single pass, but it is difficult as many things can go wrong that have little to do with the player's input. Cutscenes removed and video edited for maximum viewer enjoyment.

As the annotation says, you only need one Smoke Bomb to climb the column in the final area of the escape.

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Altair the Confessor - Proof of Enemy Factions and Fighting Each Other

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Here's a head turner: Guards in AC1 are capable of engaging in combat with one another. In this video are details of how it was meant to work.


There are three main factions of guards: Saracens, Crusaders, and Assassins. This is indicated by how one reacts when Altair is killed by one of the others. Get killed by a guard in one faction in front of a guard from a different faction, and he will start attacking him.

There are also other guards within a faction that will attack other guards in that faction. These seem to be mission-based guards wearing different clothing than the rest, like the guards outside of Talal's warehouse. However, the regular guards don't seem to attack them.

Combat Between Guards in the Game

Normally there are only two examples of guards fighting each other in the game. The first is the two assassins in the fighting ring. After ending practice, listen closely and you will hear them shout out the combat starting phrases, which proves they are using the regular fight scripting. Next is the battle of Masyaf in memory block one. You see Assassins and Crusaders fighting one on one. Besides the appearance of basic fighting with no combos, counters or grabs, they appear to have unlimited health until you get close enough. But it's scripted so that the assassin always dies in the fight.

How to Make Guards Fight Each Other

Now for the major highlight. After a long time searching, a way has been found to coax the enemies' bloodlust against themselves without Altair having to die. What you need to do is find a place where two different enemy factions are. Get in a fight with one and find a place where a wall conceals Altair, while the other is in plain view. If an enemy from another faction sees the other do damage to Altair without detecting Altair, they will attack that enemy.

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The Plantation Master Assassination Variety Pack

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The Plantation Master is an AC4 assassination contract in Kingston.

Plantation Extermination

The goal here is to take out the guards in the immediate area stealthily. The East side isn't guarded so we'll start from there. A guard here walks back and forth from the target to the tall grass, so a whistle is an easy way to get him. Next is a captain, who patrols around the area and is likely to spot you. Let him see you before hiding back in the grass.

After that's taken care of, assassinate from behind the two stationed guards guarding a chest in low profile. The target will investigate the bodies, so swing back around to the East side and also double assassinate the two brutes from behind.

Now here's where things got a little hectic. I originally was going to hide in the nearby grass that the target was soon going to search, but for the sake of variety I grabbed an ax. Normally the target is supposed to flee, but because he "detected" me before he actually "saw" me, he went into combat mode. I expect he would flee right after shooting, if given the chance.

The restricted area in this contract extends South to a field where some guards are patrolling. I didn't bother with those since they weren't in immediate area, but one of them will discover the dead brutes.

Point Blank Rifle Shot

Lets take advantage of the target's flee route. He runs straight up a hill before turning left. So race ahead of him and prepare to fire. A pistol isn't powerful enough to kill him in one shot, so I took a rifle from a rooftop gunman.

Stunt Assassination

This also uses the predictable run route. A nearby viewpoint is at the top of the hill. To buy some extra time, a sleep dart works best. You also don't want to get 40 meters away from the target or he'll disappear, which is why I used the dart after he was outside the plantation zone.

Jumping from the tower, Edward can't quite make it over a fence, so the stunt becomes an air assassination stunt. Notice there is another tower next to the viewpoint. From this one you can jump over the fence, but it still falls short of killing the target during his run.

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Backstage Pass to Governor Woodes Rogers' Party

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Assassins Creed 4 Black Flags Sequence 12 Memory 1 A Governor no Longer

An Early Death right before the assassination of Woodes Rogers.

Early Death

Many thanks to Altair Auditore, who found you can use a bayonet for ranged kills in this memory, despite all other far range weapons being unavailable. At the beginning of the checkpoint before entering the party, head left and kill the two rooftop guards, picking up the bayonet. This is the same roof Altair Auditore used to get his bayonet in the original video. Now enter the party area from the back to avoid starting Woodes Rogers' speech.

Because detection leads to desynch, you'll want to remove as many guards as possible in the nearby area. Start with any guards patrolling behind the fence. In the back part of the party area your first ideal victim is patrolling. Lure him with a whistle from the tall grass. A trick I learned is to hold down Armed hand so that Edward kills the guard as soon as he comes in range. This is important because if you're not fast enough, guards can detect you before you can take them out, and it isn't reliable enough to press Armed hand as soon as the prompt appears.

Next guy is standing by the tables. Make sure you are positioned right behind the guard so that his body is in view of the guard inside the gazebo. Speaking of which, the guard in the gazebo may notice the body while turning in his patrol (it could take a few circuits though. Also he seems to notice the body more when Edward is closer to it). After inspecting the body, he'll search the nearby grass. The spot he always goes to is at the very edge, right next to the table. Cover kill him at that place and the body won't fall into the grass because of the torch between you and the guard during the kill. This works to your advantage because another guard spots the body.

Now that there aren't any guards who can immediately detect you, it's time for the target's death early. A gunshot is the only way to end his life without having to start the speech. Immediately after shooting, make a mad dash for the tall grass outside the fence. If you are fast enough, no guard will have spotted you. To make sure you aren't seen by any of the suspicious guards combing and searching the area, hide towards the back of the grass and don't leave until the suspicion clears (no yellow line around the minimap). Obviously I wanted to keep eliminating guards, and came close to getting seen. If you're wondering why not stay in the grass in the party area, the guards walk through there after hearing the gunshot, and I always was detected. But there's always a chance they might not bump into you if you tried enough times.

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Chrétien Lafreniére Speedy Stealth Kills

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 5 Memory 2

Speedy Stealth Kills

The rules are simple. Spend most of the time from the start of the mission to the end running and killing along your route to the target, using only melee kills and whatever tools are necessary.

This run is started from the haystack in the southwest corner of the area. From a reload, throw a smoke bomb to the upper right (too far left and other guards come to investigate). Kill the guard by the haystack either from the haystack or jump out and stab while he's walking towards the smoke bomb cloud.

The next two guards are still reeling from the smoke bomb, so take them out quickly. A nearby archer can easily spot you if you aren't fast enough.

Next are four other guards. With proper timing (too soon and the smoke bomb doesn't reach them, too late and they see you), another smoke bomb aids in killing unseen. Note that the enemy on the very right is non hostile, and part of a scripted speech.

On the other side of the stone fence is a guard who is usually in range of an air kill and another guard who isn't close enough to detect that kill.

Now we have a a brute under a gazebo and, whoa! I call this kill the "grabbing from above This Person is Really Awesome kill". Actually the ledge kill in Unity has been modified so you can pull guards from the side of a ledge as well as from under, usually from the side of a window. But in this case, Arno performed the assassination from higher and farther away than should be possible.

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The Thespian Part 2 Assassination Variety Pack

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The Thespian Part 2 seems to be the best designed assassination in Assassins Creed Revelations, and as such deserves a video.

Getting Around the Scripting

If there's one flaw in the mission, it's that the recruit is scripted to kill the target, leaving little time for creative assassinations. To circumvent that, you can use grab or attack before he takes off in a parachute (only have a brief moment to get it right, so it may take multiple tries), preventing the recruit from leaving the roof.

(Almost Completely) Stealthy Mission

One good thing about this mission is the need to escape the area after the assassination. Taking the same basic path as the recruit is the stealthy route.

At first I tried regular poison, but the two posted guards behind the target see me as I use the poison. Then I tried poison darts, but that is a high profile enough action to get detected. Once used a money bomb to stay hidden, but it didn't work out. So instead a Datura poison bomb was used. This bought me enough time to almost get away from the area at the time of death.

Since this was the closest I got to leaving the region, I can't say for sure if escaping the area beforehand will leave you unseen after the memory corridor.


Fists only run. Use a cherry bomb to lure the target to the docks. Other guards will also arrive, but walk back, except for the target's two posted guards I think. While I was undetected, fist knockouts were used; but in battle a little known move was executed, the counter grab. Yes, counter grab can be used to counter attacks in battle. Important note: Although both the target and Ezio were unarmed, counter grab can be performed regardless of whether or not Ezio and/or the enemy have a weapon out. High level guards can counter the move though.

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AC Unity done quick

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whole playlist
part 01 / sequence 1
part 02 / sequence 2
part 03 / sequence 3
part 04 / sequence 4
part 05 / sequence 5
part 06 / sequences 6 and 7
part 07 / sequences 7 and 8
part 08 / sequence 9
part 09 / sequence 10
part 10 / sequence 11
part 11 / sequence 12

Welcome to the Assassin's Creed: Unity any% segmented speedrun by me, Fed981. There are 46 segments, the first one was recorded on 2015/05/17 and the last one on 2015/06/10.

Timing note: there is no in-game time for this game. I timed frames from first user input (title screen) to last user input. Then I subtracted all loading screens (double rotating white polyedra, but not saving/loading writing) to remove hardware dependence on timing. In the video you can see all footage that has been recorded after the game saves to end a segment (generally after a loading screen or when seeing / taking control of the character), but I also subtracted these parts from the time, following SDA rules. I removed all loading screens at the start of segments from the video as well.

The final time is then 2 hours, 44 minutes and 1 second. This run was done on PC, with version 1.0.0 and medium graphics settings, using a Logitech controller.

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[AC Unity] Hoarders [Non-Lethal/Target Only]

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No Guard Kills, Assassinate Marie Only
Disguise really is such a strong Ability in this game.

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